Spark Creativity

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Whether you're in a creative rut or simply need some daily inspiration to get the ideas flowing, Spark Creativity is the perfect pick-me-up. 

Spark Creativity includes prompts that are applicable to all types of creative pursuits–from visual art, to music, to idea-generation. This creativity-in-a-box set contains awesome ideas for for sparking creativity in the everyday. Some examples of prompts you'll find in this box include: Execute a single idea 10 different ways. Take 5 minutes and write down as many new ideas as you can. Find new uses for materials or elements you'd typically toss out. This is a great way to affordably give the gift of creativity and innovation, or to practice it yourself to get the ideas flowing. 

  • Includes 50 faux matchsticks with printed prompts.
  • 2.75 x 1.4 x 5.1 inches
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