Remember the Alamo Bowl

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This is the redemption story of a walk-on quarterback, reeling from his father's death, thrust into his first-ever start in a four-year college game. And it was a bowl game.

Back-up quarterback Bram Kohlhausen, in the last game of his senior year, was not emotionally prepared when Texas Christian University's star QB was arrested for punching a San Antonio cop in a bar brawl before the 2016 Alamo Bowl against the Oregon Ducks.

Down 31-0 at halftime, Bram was convinced he'd be benched as he walked off the field.

Coaches lambasted TCU's defense but kept Bram in the game. Touchdown after touchdown, Bram evened the score and seized the victory in three grueling overtimes in what many consider the most riveting comeback in bowl play.


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