Red Rose Enamel Pin

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Embrace the timeless allure of love and passion with the Red Rose Floral Enamel Pin. Epitomizing the undying essence of deep affection, this pin captures the iconic symbol of the rose in its most romantic hue: rich, lustrous red.

Meanings & Symbolism:

  • Endless Love: The red rose is universally recognized as the quintessential messenger of love.
  • Passion & Desire: Its deep red shade speaks of burning desires and profound ardor.
  • Beauty & Respect: This bloom not only communicates love but also admiration and reverence.


  • Romantic Accessory: Elevate any outfit by adding a dash of romance with this striking pin.
  • Symbolic Gift: An impeccable gift choice for loved ones, signifying love and heartfelt emotions.
  • Collector's Delight: A beautiful addition to any pin assortment, especially for those drawn to the profound symbolism of flowers.

Quick Overview:

    • Size: 1.75" tall
    • Type: Gold-plated enamel pin
    • Colors: Deep, romantic red paired with fresh green
    • Material:  Utilizes UV printing, a technique that allows us to capture more intricate details compared to traditional enamel methods. 
    • Pin Posts: Two
    • Extras: Comes with 2 black rubber backs on a distinctively designed backing card
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