Quintessential Quotes: A Quiz Deck on Movies of the ’80s, ’90s & 2000s

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Whether you’re a certified cinephile or a pop culture savant, you’ll be mesmerized by guessing the influential movies from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s that feature these quintessential quotes. This deck of 48 Knowledge Cards presents an iconic line from a film on the front side, and on the back, its release year, stars, director, and the character who spoke it. Additionally, each card back features a piece of trivia that you might not have known about these popular films. There’s an endless combination of ways to play—guess the film, name the lead actors or director, or just read through to learn tantalizing trivia about some of the most marvelous movies of recent decades. Let the movie magic begin!

• With 48 fact-filled cards per package, Knowledge Cards are a great source of condensed information—all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards.
• Knowledge Cards are like small books—packed full of information and fun
• An easy way to learn
• Use as flash cards, or as a quiz game

Size: 3.25 x 4 x .75 in.

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