Earth and Space Photographs from the Archives of NASA

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Featuring a preface by everyone's favorite "Science Guy" Bill Nye, Earth and Space is an unparalleled journey through the cosmos, offering up-close views of our remarkable cosmos.

More than 100 astonishing images of Earth from above (first captured by the Apollo program), the phenomena of our solar system, and the celestial bodies of deep space will captivate readers and photography lovers with an interest in science, astronomy, and the great beyond. Each extraordinary photograph gleaned from the archives of the legendary space agency is paired with explanatory text that contextualizes its place in the cosmic ballet of planets, stars, dust, and matter—from Earth's limb to solar flares, the Jellyfish Nebula to Pandora's Cluster.

Anyone with an interest in stars, planets, space exploration, and the overall beauty and mystery of our universe will find much to marvel at within these pages.

DAZZLING HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY: Readers rave about the quality of the images in this collection as well as the gorgeous page layouts that offer a feast for the eyes. Equal parts photography book and astronomy book, it is ideal for casual browsers and science learners alike.

AMONG THE GREAT SPACE BOOKS: Alongside books like Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time, this volume offers us a chance to step deeply into our universe without ever leaving Earth. Page after page reveal incredible views of constellations, stars, star clusters, a hypernova, supernova remnants, nebulae, Milky Way dust, cloud galaxies, galaxy clusters, and much more.

A GIFT FOR ALL AGES: Much more than a coffee table book, Earth and Space holds appeal for kids, teens, adults, and seniors with its mesmerizing visual catalog and fascinating facts.

Perfect for:

  • Astronomy and space enthusiasts
  • Teachers, librarians, and students seeking an instructive and inspiring resource
  • Fans of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, National Geographic and Smithsonian books
  • Gift giving for birthday, graduation, retirement, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or holiday for science, technology, history, and space lovers of all ages


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