Signed WOO! The Decisive Moment

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Step into the captivating world of celebrated photographer David Woo with this limited-edition hardcover book!

Step into the captivating world of celebrated photographer David Woo with "WOO! The Decisive Moment," a stunning collection of images that showcase his exceptional talent for capturing the essence of a moment. Photographic Perspectives by David Woo, with David Sedeño, and Introduction by Steve Miller, this beautifully crafted book offers an unparalleled journey through Woo's prolific career as an award-winning Dallas Morning News photographer.

Spanning a wide range of subjects and styles, "WOO!" features 160 pages of Woo's most iconic images, from candid images to breathtaking portraits, photojournalistic frames to thought-provoking scenes. Each photograph is accompanied by insightful commentary from Sedeño, and many subjects offered their own memories of the photo, which gives readers a deeper understanding of the stories and emotions behind the images.

With an introduction by fan-favorite Steve Miller of the Steve Miller Band, this exquisite hardcover book is not only a celebration of Woo's extraordinary artistry, but also an inspiring testament to the power of photography in capturing the human experience. Presented on high-quality, matte paper, "WOO!" is the perfect coffee-table book for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the world around us.


160 Pages

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