Colored Pencils/72

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Deluxe set of 72 colored pencils delivers saturated coverage and professional artist-quality color!

• Whether you are a pro or a hobbyist, you will love the quality and versatility of these premium pencils.
• Perfect for drawing, design projects, coloring, crafts, and more!
• Experience a palette of 72 rich, vibrant colors!
• Soft-core leads offer superb color laydown. Pencils glide smoothly over paper.
• Pencils are easy to use and comfortable to hold, providing control and precision.
• Easily blend and layer the 72 vivid colors to create stunning effects.
• Let these premium pigments bring your artwork to life!
• Deluxe set comes in a stylish, cylindrical-shaped storage tube that safeguards your pencils when not in use.
• A foam lid inside the top of the tube cushions pencil tips and protects them from breaking.
• The storage tube is easy to carry and ideal for travel. Take your set with you and create on the go!
• Perfect for art classes, too.
• The set is also suitable for gift-giving and will impress any art lover.
• Sturdy card stock storage tube measures 7.7'' high x 2.6'' in diameter.

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