Classic Camera Tin 550 Piece Puzzle

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Experience the charm and nostalgia of the Classic Camera Tin Jigsaw Puzzle. The beautifully designed tin, shaped like a classic camera, measures 10 x 5 x 6 inches and is made from food-grade material. Once you’ve completed the 550-piece puzzle, you can repurpose the tin as a stylish cookie jar or a storage container, perfectly safe for all your needs.

The puzzle itself offers hours of enjoyment for family and friends, with its 550 pieces crafted from premium quality blue board. When completed, the puzzle measures 13 x 19 inches, providing a satisfying challenge for intermediate puzzlers. Proudly made in the USA with the highest quality materials, this jigsaw puzzle makes an excellent gift for all ages. Whether it's a rainy day activity or a fun pastime throughout the year, this puzzle is sure to delight and entertain!

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