Buffie Buffalo Soft

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We’ve managed to fit the big personality of the Soft Buffalo plush, Buffie, into a compact and cuddly package! Whether you know them as Buffalo or American Bison, this awe inspiring creature has been roaming the plains of North America since prehistoric times. Buffie has been outfitted in a coat of chocolate brown plush to match the shaggy appearance of his real life counterparts. Cloven hooves detail his feet and we’ve accented his chin with a fluffy tuft of hair. Buffie’s large, dark eyes will connect on an emotional level and you’ll want to snuggle up with this iconic symbol of the Wild West as often as you’re able. Make Buffie the Buffalo part of your ranch today and this huggable stuffed animal is sure to please!

Weight 7.4 oz

Dimensions 11 × 9 × 9 in

Age 24 Months & Up

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