Billie French Bulldog

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Playful and stubborn, Billie the French Bulldog plush knows she’s cute enough to get her way! Quick to let you know when your plans don’t line up with her own, this mischievous Frenchie is an exciting and engaging friend. Slightly understuffed and crafted with only the softest materials and silky polyester fill, Billie’s cuddly form will feel right at home in your arms. A realistic look is achieved with a mottled brindle coat, while large, rounded ears and a short muzzle add to Billie’s breed specific appearance. Finished with a soft, leatherette nose and beautiful, amber colored eyes, Billie the French Bulldog stuffed animal is ready to become your new best friend!

Weight: 9.7 oz

Dimensions: 11 × 7 × 12 in
Age: 24 Months & Up
SIZE (IN): 12" Long
SIZE (CM): (30 cm)
Washing Machine Safe
Breed: French Bulldog
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