Mirrors of Chance: Photograms by Ellen Carey

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Mirrors of Chance: Photograms by Ellen Carey is the third artist book produced by the Amon Carter’s Book Arts Studio.

This numbered limited edition of only 200 copies offers a rare chance to own a one-of-a-kind photographic print by Ellen Carey. Each copy contains a distinctive print, making this an unparalleled chance to add to your art collection. The publication and print are presented in an elegant photo box, highlighting the singular nature of this exceptional publication.

Order today to ensure your chance to own this historic publication. Limited quantities are available!

Since the 1990s, experimental photographer Ellen Carey has been making photographs that defy photographic conventions of depicting identifiable subjects. Instead, her works depict vibrant fields of color that are meditations on the very nature of photography as an image created by the action of light on a light-sensitive surface. The exhibition Ellen Carey: Dings, Pulls, and Shadows features seven key works that explore the artist’s interest in color, light, and the photographic process as the subject of her practice.


  • Format: Photogram
  • Sheet size: 8 inches by 10 inches
  • Printed in 2017
  • Unique photographic print signed by Ellen Carey 


  • Softcover
  • Numbered
  • 32 Pages
  • Box: 8 ½ inches by 11 inches


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