Amaryllis Enamel Pin

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Bring a burst of spectacular beauty to your collection with the Amaryllis Enamel Pin. This striking pin, at 1.75" tall, showcases the stunning allure of the amaryllis flower in rich reds and vibrant greens. Meticulously crafted from premium quality enamel, the pin exudes a glossy finish that highlights the bold and dramatic presence of this beloved bloom.

Symbolism: Amaryllis flowers are known for their magnificent, trumpet-like blossoms, symbolizing strength, determination, and radiant beauty. They are often associated with pride and enchanting allure, making this pin a symbol of personal triumph and captivating charm.

Perfect For:

  • Floral enthusiasts and admirers of bold beauty
  • Collectors of unique and impactful enamel pins
  • Those looking to add a statement piece to their wardrobe or accessories
  • A thoughtful and impressive gift for someone who embodies the spirit and beauty of the amaryllis
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