John Hall Thorpe - Boxed Notecard Assortment

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John Hall Thorpe’s colorful woodcut prints depicting flowers and landscapes made him a household name in the early 1920s. His work became an international phenomenon and included accessible, inexpensive, and bright reproductions to liven up any home. At the forefront of interior decoration in his time, he also influenced trends in wallpaper design. His work eventually fell out of fashion but, 60 years after his initial fame, experienced a resurgence in popularity during the 1980s. Today his prints are highly sought after and hang in many museums around the world, including the four works on these notecards, which are part of the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

Contains five each of the following notecards: Country Bunch, before 1924, Crocus, 1922, Cowslips, before 1924, Anemones, 1922.


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