The Secret World of Plants

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Plants are found almost everywhere on Earth, but to many people their lives are a mystery. Learn how seagrass flowers underwater, how the Venus flytrap counts to make sure it catches its prey, and why some tulips used to cost more than a house! This fascinating book explores the vast plant kingdom and explains how plants work, as well as the weird and wonderful relationships they have with animals.

- An eye-catching holographic cover, gilded edges, and stunning photography and illustrations, making it the perfect gift 
- A wide range of incredible plants and trees from all around the world
- Illustrated diagrams to support definitions of different types of plants 
- Introductory reference pages that explain key topics such as photosynthesis

Plants provide us with food, fuel, and medicine, and without them, life as we know it would not exist. From orchids that grow vanilla pods to leaves that look like stones, and from bamboo that can be made into clothes to moss that soaks up vast amounts of carbon dioxide, plants shape our world in an endless variety of ways.


192 pages

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