Silver Howdy Beaded Pouch

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This “Howdy” beaded coin pouch is beautifully handmade to use every day or as a gift to put in coins, cash, and other goodies!

LA Chic accessories and handbags are made with exceptional fabrics primarily procured from the Northern part of India, the Mecca of the Cotton hand-loom industry. A variety of gorgeous fabrics ranging from Cotton, Jacquard, Jute, Silk, and Wool are used, creating extraordinarily distinctive hand embroideries and designs. They directly work with the artisans in India to combine “East meets West”, incorporating trending fashion ideas here and conceptualizing them with Indian production. The artisans take 2 to 3 days exclusively hand-crafting each bag, making every single product remarkably unique therefore may slightly vary in terms of design.

About 4.5″ x 5.5″. Zipper closure. Hand-sewn seed beads with canvas lining and backing.

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