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Accompanied by the constant, rumbling ba-dum ba-dum of its passage through the city, the subway has stories to tell. Between sunrise and sunset, it welcomes and farewells people, and holds them―along with their joys, hopes, fears, and memories―in its embrace.

Originally published in Korean and brought to English-speaking audiences with the help of renowned translator Deborah Smith (The Vegetarian), I Am the Subway vividly reflects the shared humanity that can be found in crowded metropolitan cities.

  • A wonderful gift for parents, carers, and grandparents of train-loving children
  • Perfect for teachers and librarians looking for books that share global experiences and lives from an own-voice perspective
  • Great for fans of Next Stop Grand Central Station by Maira Kalman, Subway by Christopher Neiman, and Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña and Christian Robertson

A Carter Playdate Book Club Book: 

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All aboard! Read I Am the Subway by Kim Hyo-eun, learn about fast-moving Carter artworks, and make your own play mat full of roads, tracks, and trails—perfect for playtime with Matchbox cars and toy trains.

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