Hyacinth Enamel Pin

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Adorn yourself with the timeless allure of the Hyacinth Enamel Pin. Celebrated for its intense fragrance and conical clusters of flowers, the hyacinth is more than just a harbinger of spring. Its blossoms evoke tales of deep affection, rebirth, and consistency. Our pin, in shades of lavender and purple, perfectly encapsulates the splendor and symbolism of this cherished bloom.

Symbolism & Uses:
Rebirth and Renewal: As a spring-blooming flower, the hyacinth symbolizes rebirth and the freshness of a new beginning.
Consistency: With its tight clusters of flowers, the hyacinth represents constancy of love and sincerity.
Deep Affection: In various cultures, gifting a hyacinth conveys a message of deep affection and fondness.
Playfulness: The exuberant and fragrant bloom of the hyacinth often denotes playfulness and a joy of life.

Key Features:
Size & Finish: Crafted to an elegant 1.75" stature, supported by a robust gold-plated base.
Rich Detailing: With layers of UV screen printing, the pin shines in shades of lavender, purple, and fresh green, replicating the beauty of the hyacinth flower.
Top-Grade Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality enamel ensuring brilliant colors and durability.
Dual-Pin Mechanism: Comes with two pin posts for a secure fit and precise alignment on any attire.
Gift of Elegance: An ideal present for flower lovers, gardening buffs, or anyone wishing to imbue their collection with botanical elegance.

The Hyacinth Enamel Pin is more than just an accessory; it's a tale of love, rebirth, and the magic of springtime, encapsulated in a delicate piece of art.

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